Company Introduction


China National Township Enterprises Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CTEC) was registered and established in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 1983 with the approval of the Ministry of agriculture and the former State Economic Commission. The registered capital invested by the state is 10 million yuan. At the beginning of 1999, due to the decoupling of government and enterprises in the reform of the national economic system, it was wholly owned by China National Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CNADC) and became a secondary enterprise legal person of CNADC.

Township companies have gone through more than 30 years of development, The change from planned economy to market economy, Mainly changed functions to now rely on agricultural industry and national policy Sexual resources, national authorities have special operations with restricted thresholds, Special operation is the core structure of the main business, and undertakes state-owned Asset preservation and appreciation tasks and corresponding social responsibilities, on-the-job enterprises The process of transformation has gone through the following three stages:

The first stage: 1983-1990. In the era of planned economy, township and village enterprise companies, as government service enterprises established by the government, are given guidance, service, management and coordination. Entrusted by the Ministry of Agriculture, the functions of the development of state-owned township enterprises are responsible for the allocation and allocation of waste-based steel-based planning materials arranged by the state to support agricultural construction and support the development of township enterprises. And the township and village enterprises import and export commodities foreign exchange adjustment tasks, according to the plan every year to allocate 200,000 tons of waste steel, according to the plan for the township and village enterprise system to adjust the exchange foreign exchange of tens of millions of dollars; Established demonstration bases for raw materials and export commodities, and established 33 joint ventures in 13 provinces; the third is to build a national supply and marketing network for township and village enterprises, and organize import and domestic procurement of township and village enterprises Production of steel, wool, wood, chemical fiber, plastic and other production raw materials urgently needed by the industry; Fourth, organize and manage the external liaison, coordination and statistical work of township and village enterprises across the country, and organize regular national meetings Township enterprise system supply and marketing manager meeting, statistical annual meeting and product promotion meeting. At this stage, the township and village company as the industry leader of the township and village enterprise system in the country Development has made a positive contribution.

The second stage: 1990-2000. After entering the 1990s, the planned economy merged with the market economy, the planned materials allocated by the government were cancelled, and the rural enterprise companies began to embark on the track of independent operation. in During this period, due to the strengthening of the state fiscal and taxation system reforms, foreign exchange system reforms, and macro-control policies, coupled with the fact that enterprises have just entered the track of independent operation, the joint ventures run by them and the local government Relevant departments have no distinction between government and enterprises, unclear assets and operational management responsibilities, chaotic property rights relations, and major asset losses continue to accumulate hundreds of millions of yuan. Enterprises have been burdened with heavy historical burdens. Before getting into trouble. Based on the breakthrough in obtaining import and export operation rights in 1995, township and village companies relying on the advantages of the township and village enterprise system supply and marketing network that they have established for many years, and began to transform into operating policy resources. Agricultural import and export trading company, With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, it has undertaken the agency import task of the "double limit" indicator for ammoniated membranes, fishing plastics, the "211" project, and "948" project The introduction of technology and equipment for other projects, as well as the implementation of quota commodities such as textile raw materials for agricultural systems, has gradually formed the import of agricultural and fishing plastic raw materials, wool, chemical fiber Import, technology and equipment introduction have three main business items. The foreign trade business has grown year by year. By 2000, the total value of import and export trade exceeded 100 million US dollars for the first time. The business operation of the enterprise restarted and began to enter the Reconstitution period.

The third stage: 2000-2016. At the end of 1999, the rural enterprises were merged into China Agricultural Development Corporation. China joined the WTO. Facing the new situation of global economic integration development, With the support and assistance of China Agricultural Development Corporation, the economic environment, internal and external conditions, and business structure of rural enterprises have undergone major changes. Facing the new situation, Based on the original international trade platform, the company adjusted the asset structure and operating structure, revitalized assets, extended the industrial chain, and developed to special operations and special operations. It has achieved historic breakthroughs and The operating results have established the main industry structure of national import projects, government procurement tenders, ocean fishery product oil projects, and agricultural instruments and equipment, as well as agricultural materials and agricultural product imports. It has an exclusive market share. Well, the conditions and basis for independent survival and development have initially formed.

In 2008, the township enterprises entered the pilot unit of the board of directors of China Agricultural Development Corporation's second-tier enterprise. The main business development direction of trade, the bidding service mainly based on the bidding agency for agricultural system procurement projects, and the large trade industrial chain of warehouse logistics based on Tianjin Port. Annual import and export trade development To more than 300 million US dollars, the total sales revenue and profit have maintained a high level of growth. Since 2008, rural enterprises have entered a period of rapid development of sustained development. Operating income from 4.9 in 2007 Billion yuan and profit of 7.5 million yuan. By the end of 2015, the operating income was 2.1 billion yuan and the profit was 89 million yuan. The operating income has more than quadrupled, and the total profit has tripled and a half. increase, From 2012 to 2015, it achieved a per capita profit of over one million for four consecutive years, and was rated as an advanced unit and an excellent enterprise by China Agricultural Development Corporation. At present, the rural enterprise companies have grown into China Agricultural Development Group Agricultural International One of the core companies in the trade sector. It has established a good image of agricultural international trade enterprises in the national competent departments such as the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, the Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Agriculture. The domain has established a special business area and market network structure. Through the development of special international trade relations with backward agricultural countries, it has been fully affirmed and recognized by the national and industry authorities. It has become a model for characteristic and special operation project implementation enterprises in the national agricultural international trade enterprises.