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Breakthrough development of warehouse logistics

Time:2017-01-14 04:00:00


The warehousing and logistics segment was initially launched in 2015. First, the roads inside and outside the warehouse yard and supporting facilities such as storage and transportation tools were repaired to fully prepare for the development of warehousing and logistics. The second was to establish a chapter and establish a system in accordance with the standard requirements of warehouse management. A set of complete systems including warehouse management, storage and transportation, fire protection, safety, etc., to prepare for the standardized management of the warehouse when it is put into use; We start with the business of the township enterprise headquarters, determine the storage of three products such as sesame and feed according to the arrival of imported goods in the port, and gradually expand into a township enterprise's inventory base according to conditions to promote the warehousing and logistics sector, which is more conducive to the cargo rights of the business Control and reduce the risk of third-party service providers.

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